White pedestal accent table : Antique console tables.

White Pedestal Accent Table

white pedestal accent table

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White Iron Guest Suite

White Iron Guest Suite

French accent pink and white floral wallpaper with blue ribbon trim, crisp white ruffled curtains and colorful hooked rugs compliment the brass and white queen sized bedstead. The 1860 grain painted antique chest, cherry tilt top table and skirted wing chair complete the comfy old fashioned style. The bath en-suite decorated in shades of blue pink and white has a pedestal sink, tub and shower. Soft bed linens, plush towels, cotton robes, and gentle bath amenities for your pleasure!

Monument Ave - Dining Room

Monument Ave - Dining Room

This dining room featured an unusual grasscloth wallpaper with a screened floral motif. We used the white chairs to punch up the color, juxtaposed against a traditional pedestal table. Green accents on the drapery and chair seats keep the room looking fresh and youthful, totally in keeping with this family's attitude.

white pedestal accent table

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