Discount Glass Table Tops - Coffee Table With Ottoman Storage

Discount Glass Table Tops

discount glass table tops

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WE THINK WE ARE 10 (March 10 - 16, 2009) at anyroom showroom

WE THINK WE ARE 10 (March 10 - 16, 2009) at anyroom showroom

We finally make it through our first decade. From a small dream, anyroom has now become a medium size imagination. And we would like to meet you all good old Friend of anyroom (FOA) for an intimate celebration, as a big appreciation for having always been together, up or down. Come and meet us for a small party, new Icons, more Everyday and nice Selection with even further reduction, 25% to 70%, plus 5% more for our FOA.

And for those who favour something different, you can have a first glimpse of our new ANYROOMHOUSE at the party. One size fits all.

It would be great to have you at the party, as to always having you around for at least another 10 more years to come.

GALGATTA is inspired by the complexity and sophistication of life. Table base shaped by laminated bending oak technique in complicated web, combine with the simple temper clear glass top. The design is purposely for a small dinning table.

Product size : W120 x D120 x H72.5 cm
: D55 x H 71 cm (Table Base)
Designed by Paphop Wongpanich

** See all new products at anyroom showroom with special discount during March 10 - 16, 2009. For more information, please call 02 658 0583 or send your inquiries to, many thanks !

Keran Top Viewed from Sundgala

Keran Top Viewed from Sundgala

Keran Top is about 10,500 ft abvoe sea level and situated in Teshil Haveli District Bagh, of AJK.

This shot is taken in the late after noon after a heavy rainfall. That's why this beautiful light and clarify of the atmosphere.

discount glass table tops

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