Asian Dining Room Table

asian dining room table

    dining room
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  • A room in a house or hotel in which meals are eaten

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asian dining room table - Elegant 9

Elegant 9 Pcs Dining Room Set ORIENTAL FURNITURE

Elegant 9 Pcs Dining Room Set ORIENTAL FURNITURE

Furniture is part of a convention concerning people's residence. Its design, manufacture and style reflect the spiritual outlook and aesthetic taste of a time. The Ming and Qing dynasties were the golden age of Chinese traditional furniture. It not only inherited the tradition of the previous thousands of years, but made breakthroughs. Fine lacquered wooden furniture had already appeared as early as the Han Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, it reached the peak. Complete your Oriental accent interior design with this elegant 9 pcs dining room set, it comes with 1 dining table, 2 arm chairs and 6 side chairs, the table includes glass top for easy cleaning and maximum protection against scratch, very detail hand drawing oriental design and raised hand carved soap stone figures.
***This item is over size and over weight. We have to ship it by trucking freight. You May Save Shipping For Other Item(s) When Combined With This Shipment.***
Chairs are fully pre assembled, simple assembly required for the table Center 2 peices are removable for smaller space
Table Size: L84" x W44" x H30"
Arm Chairs Size: L18"x W18" x H39"
Side Chairs Size: L18"x W18" x H39"
Age: New Reproduction
Type of Craft: Lacquered, Hand Carving and/or Drawing

76% (10)

Jonathan & Bridget + Love Story

Jonathan & Bridget + Love Story

My cousin Jonathan and his wife of (Is it 5 years, bro?)
They are so sweet together.

----- My Long Short Story -----

When we were young, Jonathan and I were inseparable. We've always been the closest thing to brothers the world has ever known. We built Lego starships for hours. Sleepovers under dining room tables. We bought Razor scooters (when they were new and novel...and expensive) and cruised the San Francisco Piers. We saw the worst Star Wars episode in theater ten, yes, TEN times. We beat the video games on their hardest curse-worthy modes in Los Angeles attics at 2 in the morning. We once planned on buying twin streetbikes and winding up the California coast. That last one never came to fruition.

Then there was Bridget.

When Jonathan and Bridget started dating, I had my doubts at first - as most 'bros' would and should. My fears were quickly unfounded, and I stopped making 'Whtshh!' whip sounds in conversation. Bridget is a unique and special individual, just for Jonathan. A match made not in heaven, but in hearts. She makes him what every wife should make any husband: Complete.

Bridget never broke up the family. She became a part of it - and is to me a sister as much as my cousin is my brother. I could ask for no better friend.

I love the idea of 'them.' The way they live and love. Jonathan is almost certainly always followed by Bridget... in a sentence, in a thought, or on Twitter. (Ooo, a Web 2.0 joke. ^O^)

Me? Well, I'm happy with life as it is now. Content as can be.
But traveling with a couple as a single guy can take a toll now and then.

Like when the Japanese sun is setting on the golden horizon - and we're driving to who-knows-where next... Jonathan and Bridget drift to sleep in perfectly (calculated?) unison. Wordlessly falling into perfect slumbering statues of exquisite comfort.

And I'm sitting in the seat beside them with my camera, reviewing all my lonely self-portraits.

It makes me happy to see them this way.
Yet breaks my heart because I don't have a love of my own.

Bridget knows I'm a hopeless romantic. Absolutely bent in a sentimental direction, clinging to the sure hope that there's someone out there just for me.

Jonathan knows I just need a thick steak.

I know they're both right: If I can find a steak-cooking, god-fearing, knockout of a girl... Sold. We'll be sipping green tea, discussing rent and diapers before you can say the word "tofu".

(Laugh... Sigh...)

Sorry for the book of a description. But now you know my thoughts behind the viewfinder weren't just, "Oh that's sweet."

There's a world behind every pixel.

That said, imma go get a steak now.

It all started with this.

It all started with this.

This GORGEOUS piece of Alexander Henry fabric is called "Manju Kanji." I am truly in love with all of the Henry fabrics and this one really spoke to me, so I was thrilled when I won four yards of it on ebay for less than I'd have paid for one yard had I been able to find it in a store.

I had no idea what to do with it really. I loved it, and saw a beautiful shirt at Soft Surroundings made with a lovely Asian fabric, so I guess I figured I'd use this to make myself a duplicate of that shirt, never once taking into consideration that a) I have no pattern, b) I don't sew, c) my sewing machine hasn't see the light of day since I was in home ec in the 8th grade, and d) I have MAJOR sewing fear!

So I laid it out on the dining room table just to gawk at it and that's when the idea hit me to use this lovely fabric as the table covering for the anniversary brunch I'm having on Sunday. This is how ideas get started and I began building things from there.

asian dining room table

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