Folding Hobby Table

folding hobby table

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folding hobby table - Sullivans Home

Sullivans Home Hobby Table-36"X36"X59.5" Open

Sullivans Home Hobby Table-36"X36"X59.5" Open

SULLIVAN USA-Home Hobby Table. Completely supported laminated work surface set at a comfortable height of 36 inches; Sturdy lightweight metal frame with locking casters. The steel legs and supports are electro-powder coated to provide a fine finish. Sides fold down for convenient storage. Table dimensions: Full: 59-1/2Lx36Wx36H; Half: 36Lx36Wx36H; Folded: 13Lx36Wx36H. NOTE: This table ships freight collect from our warehouse in Grand Rapids Michigan; each unit weighs 65 pounds so it is recommended to review freight from GR to your location prior to ordering.


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img 7171.jpg

img 7171.jpg

This was getting more towards the advanced stuff I can no longer find. It's a conch shell. It's not quite accurate, in that it has 4-way symmetry, but there were some even more advanced folds that could make it smooth around the other 3 sides. It was hard enough to get it to this stage, though, so I never bothered with the rest.

More anecdotal history:
My little grade school (~200 kids total, K through 8th) had a "bazaar" each year, where they filled the cafeteria with tables of junk dealers. I think it was near Christmas, and it gave us all a chance to buy cheap junk for Christmas presents, and to do something fun in place of class for an hour (a few grades per hour throughout the day). I had been folding things at my desk all year, and selling lots of them for $0.25/ea. to classmates, and getting in trouble for it a lot. That year, 2 "Origami Masters" came to the bizarre, and had a table, and my teachers let me out for a few hours to go sit with them, and learn to fold new, more complicated things.

Anyway, the "Masters" thought I was awesome for being so into it at my age, especially in the US. Back in Japan it was much more common. I was the only one in my school, though, and no one else wanted to learn more than one or two things. And I thought our visitors were awesome for being authentic Japanese masters at my favorite hobby. And when I think about it now, 2 decades later, I think they were awesome for wanting to meet a little kid, and letting him learn from them for hours. They taught me a bit about patience, as they spent minutes per fold, making seemingly every molecule in the paper's edges line up properly. In the end, we stood, all bowed to one another, and I left with a handful of new creations. I got lightly teased back at class, but mostly everyone, being little kids, was excited to hear all about my time with the exotic foreigners.

Fisher-Price Toys - Great Adventures: Pirate Ship

Fisher-Price Toys - Great Adventures: Pirate Ship

This is the very first Great Adventures pirate ship made by Fisher-Price. The pirate ship is a large plastic ship with a realistic look and realistic features. This ship features special wheels so that when it is rolled along it bobs up and down as if it is floating on the waves. The middle section of deck lifts up to reveal a foldaway firing cannon and two cannon balls. The ship also has a movable steering wheel, a hidden fold-up cannon, a crow's nest that moves up and down, a fold-down plank, an adjustable anchor and more!...a small dinghy (boat) with a cannon that fires a tethered grappling hook, Captain Goodheart and 4 other crew members (all with movable arms), as well as a treasure chest, a telescope - and a small table... Phew!

folding hobby table

folding hobby table

The Original "Quadra Four" Lightweight Aluminum Portable Folding Table 71" L x 32" W x 28" H or 15" H and Table Cover

This is our Biggest, Lightweight, Aluminum Portable Folding Table! The QUADRA 4 Portable Folding Table can handle the whole family! The Suitcase Carrying Design with its Carry Handles is one of our most popular tables we have ever built! It is GREAT around the Home for Family Parties and Special Holiday Family Events. Yet, it is rugged enough for any Camping, Art, Crafts and Hobby Shows, and/or Indoor, Outdoor Activities. The Best Feature is the Durability built into this table! We put the Strength where it was most needed! We did not cut any corners when we designed and manufactured it. As a result, it is the Strongest Portable Folding Table of its kind! Also, we are including a TABLE COVER with every purchase. Why not buy two and send one as a Holiday Gift?

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